Don’t let someone
who doesn’t know
your value tell you
how much you’re worth

We are proud of our past achievements: they have allowed us to build our unique expertise. Everyday, we draw from that expertise to work on your projects, with a unique goal: to deliver exactly what you expect, right when you expect it, with unmatched quality. And this is how we keep on building our experience, day after day, with passion.


Working with wood has been our starting point. Our craftsmen have since developed their skills to work with all the materials used in interior design.

And even though we are working with state-of-the-art automated equipment, we still carry the fine work by hand.

At heart, we remain artisans, leveraging our knowledge to turn our clients’ ideas into reality.


Years of experience


Square meter of wood used


Passionate people


Passion is at the heart of our work. We feel passion about every assignment. Once we start working on your project, it inevitably becomes ours, and we treat it as such. And, in a way, it really is ours: we take as much pride in realising it than you take in seeing your vision turned into reality.


Our roots are in Belgium. Our country has a long tradition of design and craftsmanship, which we are proud to contribute to. Our “can-do” attitude is also typically Belgian: we boast seldom, because our work speaks better.


Our references

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