We specialise in manufacturing custom-made interiors for your offices, facilities, hotels, conference centres, theatres and concert venues worldwide.

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Through our 70 years in business, we have build a solid expertise in materials, in handling complex projects, in planning efficiently and in delivering within agreed deadlines, however short.


Years of experience


Projects delivered

Humble, yet knowledgeable

We are strongly convinced that the quality of our work speaks for itself, which is why we focus on high-quality craftsmanship. To this effect, we build everything in our own workshop. This allows us maximum flexibility and reactivity to build tailor-made answers to your needs.










Your interior, our passion

Honesty goes a long way

You can rely on us. We communicate clearly and earnestly. For every project, we prepare a detailed – and above all transparent – price quote. We are happy to be at your side at every step of your project, from design to the selection of materials, with an eye on your budget and your expected delivery date. We take care of every little detail from the start, because we are convinced this is the basis for a sound and constructive collaboration.

Trust is everything

Whether you are a client, a supplier or one of our team, we always aim for the long term. Which means taking your needs into account as well as ours.


Our values

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